Midnight Crossroads: a charity anthology for reproductive rights

A liminal space in myth and legend, The Crossroads are where spirits are contacted in many cultural beliefs. Full of life and dark secrets, it is a place where one can lose or gain control in new ways.

In this charity anthology for reproductive freedom, Immoral Influence Publications is looking for stories where deals take place across many possible borders, both physical and mental. Stories that inhabit that midnight hour of uncertainty and transition. Where journeys are interrupted, and characters stand on the precipice.

This anthology will be inclusive of many cultures, perspectives, and orientations. In Ancient Greece and Rome, rituals of change and protection were done at crossroads, as the crossroads represented the ability to “cross over” or move between life and death. In Britain, crossroads were often the sites of executions and where criminals were buried. Most recently, in American history, it’s where the great blues guitarist Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil.

What spirits will your characters encounter? What deals will they make? What will they give up and what will they gain?

We can’t wait to find out!

  • Where to submit: submissions may be sent to anthology at immoralinfluence dot com
  • Please name files in this format: title-authors last name
  • Reprints are accepted, please note if your work is a reprint in the submission
  • Word limit: 7,500
  • Payment: All proceeds from this Anthology will go to abortion access and reproductive freedom. A number of recipient funds are being considered, and when they are chosen they will be announced
  • Deadline: The call will remain open until the anthology is filled
  • We are currently closed for other submissions except the Midnight Crossroads anthology